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At Artist Flags, we know how important a band backdrop and/or stage scrim is for concerts. We’ve been printing various band backdrops and stage scrims since we started our business.   It has been shown over the years that scrims and backdrops are great for on stage brand recognition. If you’re not convinced, we have five reasons why you should invest in getting band backdrops and/or stage scrims made for your next concert or tour.

1. Cheap way to make everything look top notch – There are some bands out there who would prefer to invest in expensive stage props like big screens or pyrotechnics. With a simple band backdrop, you won’t have to spend your cash on something too pricey or confusing to set up. You can simply go to Artist Flags, and we’ll help you create an affordable and well-made band backdrop or stage scrim that’s easy to set up!

 2. Getting distinguished – On any given day, there are probably a thousand bands in the country that aim to be recognized to make it big!  Competition is tough, so this is where a good band backdrop and/or stage scrims come in. Not all bands are aware of the powers of an amazing band backdrop and how it can help put them above the rest. It helps get a band recognized.

3. It helps with stage presence – If you have a well-made stage scrim or band backdrop on the stage, how your band presents or projects while you play is amped up to different levels. It’s not just all about how you move while you perform, it’s also about how you set the stage up and provide props for your audience to look at.

4. Shows are just more fun with band backdrops or stage scrims – Have you ever seen a show where the stage is bare, with no band backdrops or stage scrims in sight? Even if you haven’t, you can just imagine how dull things are. Your band’s music will sound much better if you have a band backdrop or stage scrim on the stage while you’re playing. People like seeing and hearing at the same time– giving them the best of both worlds.

5. Brand Recognition – Band backdrops are placed in the back of the stage while your band is playing. The audience’s eyes are immediately directed to what’s on the stage. If your band backdrop is well-designed and printed with high quality materials, your audience will have your band logo imprinted in their minds.